About Us

Our Story

Jewelery has held a special place in human history. It neither keep us warm, not does it help with everyday activities, however adornments is sentimental and represents beyond what we can see with our eyes.

A jewelry piece embodies energy or evokes emotion or both. But whatever it is, it is the feeling the wearer wants to keep close. So the experience of jewelry is an intimate one with the soul.

Our various lines / collections are pieces that embody the overwhelming beauty and wonders of nature, urban landscapes, architecture and modern art. The pieces hold that liberating, powerful, and untamed force of creation at its essence. The intention and the vibrations put into imagining and crafting the jewelry is what gives them energy.

ODI is dedicated to creating pieces that will become modern heirlooms and embody a sense of timelessness. We are adamant about ensuring our collection is both well-made and well-priced and like to think of ourselves as an attainable luxury.

Our Parent company is Oopal diamonds Ltd, specialising in fancy shape diamond whereby we are known here for our precision calibrated cuts and seamless finish which further brings an extra sparkle of Jewelery manufactured using these stones, enhancing the brilliance a notch over similar  polish diamonds used in Jewelery manufacturing. 

Our Mission

We strive to make an indelible mark in the jewelry industry with our standards, policy, certification, quality, integrity and authenticity to be trusted with. To be known by the work we do. To build teams, in every aspect of our lives, believing nothing can be done alone. in our journey we respect every person we meet, acknowledging all as a creation of God, being aware for all that is around us and with intent to be a part of their lives - its nothing special that we do its the mentality to give in all that we do.

Our Vision

Our values and authenticity in design and style defines the ethics and paves the future for our vision. Even for our diamond we pushed ourselves for precision at all times, striving hard for excellence, with the same spirit to strive forward to make pieces of art to exceed all expectation by constant innovation and wide imagination in the jewellery arena. Our products are destined to last, and our associations respect and honour us for the work we do.

Our Statement

Gratitude is our constant Attitude - a big thank you for all who work with us and make a complete team and of course to all the supply chain and the customers, without whose support we would not be where we are today.

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