Manufacturing Backbone

  • CAM – Once the CAD is ready, the same goes through the CAM process, before casting. The resin is carefully looked upon before going into next stage, to ensure the piece of jewellery is a viable product, matching with the design aspect, this is an important stage as if all is right with flow, levels and aesthetics of the design, the next stages of Jewellery manufacturing are just simple rules one needs to follow. 
  • Casting: The Cam pieces are converted into gold, through the casting process. 
  • Polishing & Filling: State of the Art machinery backed with skilled artisans carefully clean every corner of the jewellery piece to ensure there are no rough surfaces, or imperfections missed, which may have been created while casting. Thereafter in pieces where we need to connect are assembled together to ensure perfect flow and wearability of the product, being customer friendly for them to use. 
  • Setting: Young eyes, fresh eyes hereby set every piece of stone under a microscope to perfection, before the final touches given. 
  • Final Polish: To clean the tool marks if any which the jewellery piece may have gone through during the setting stage, after this step the piece is ready for final touches 
  • Quality Control: Even though the pieces are carefully checked after each and every stage, the final approval of the product is given before its heads towards the next final stage of Rhodium.
  • Rhodium: Highlighting areas which need to be rhodium, in various colours are done before the piece of jewellery is ready for dispatch. 

There are many small stages in between the above process which a piece goes through – the above is only a brief outline – Yes every piece goes through many hands before it reaches the consumer!

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