Core Values

  • Authentic: Original designs and Innovations make us genuine.
  • Dependable: One of our goals is, “To beat the deadline, not meet them.” 
  • At ODI we respect everyone’s relationship and time. Over a period a time we have gained a
  • reputation of Dependability – Our relationships trust us truly and completely. 
  • Accountable: We are responsible for all our actions or decisions as a company.
  • Transparent: Seamless processes, working systems, flow charts – all transparent with no
  • Easy to perceive or understand us and our work. 
  • Honest & Integrity: Hard work complimented with Honesty and integrity, is ingrained in every member of our ODI family. All rules of business are followed to ensure the entire chain
  • follows strict rules and there are no short cuts to success.
  • Respect: We are here, for what God has done for us, having said that we value and respect every person, irrespective of the stature of the person in society, we see the work of God and His presence in every human being, and through the work we do.  
  • Leadership: Our team is dedicated to lead for the common good – our own people, the people we serve and the society on the whole.
  • Innovation: Constant hunger to create new and innovative designs and concepts – our team strives at every point to excel in this area. This is about our mentality, to be original.

Our company corporate responsibility policy is adapted to benefit our team, our customers, stakeholders and the society on the whole. Our entire supply chain is systematically audited, particularly for sourcing of raw materials ,manufacturing facilities and supply chains which contribute in any way to the manufacturing process or even enhance our products.

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